Decided to switch domain names, to something shorter and cooler that I think is more in line with my current endeavors. So, I just migrated everything to a new wordpress install that is sitting on a nearly stock bones css framework. Should be doing some cool stuff with it in the future. but for now. Here it is, enjoy my few posts!

Its time to be a doer!

I just got invited to forrst and realized that I spend too much time consuming web content.

Not the typical myspace, facebook updates, and YouTube crap. But lots of web “stuff” languages, tutorials, browsing stock resource sites, reading twitter posts. I spend way more time consuming content than I do creating content or participating.
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Time Machine Only Restores Folders?

So. While venturing into Coldfusion Builder I managed to delete the entire contents of my htdoc directory.  11 gigs…gone…poof. My first thought was, “I can’t believe that just happened?” Then, “Damn, with that new 7200 rpm hard drive, they disappeared 50% faster.”  Not to worry, I’ve got a Time Machine backup at home. I’ll just restore it from last night and we’ll be all good.

It wasn’t that simple.

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