Its time to be a doer!

I just got invited to forrst and realized that I spend too much time consuming web content.

Not the typical myspace, facebook updates, and YouTube crap. But lots of web “stuff” languages, tutorials, browsing stock resource sites, reading twitter posts. I spend way more time consuming content than I do creating content or participating.

It seems to lead to lots of wheel spinning and not loads of traction. There are lots of things that I haven’t pursued because it seems to obvious and I figure someone already got to it. Or, I feel like what I would say is just not worth the time it would take to mention it.

Overcoming that feeling will really start to open some new doors. Because with the gift I’ve been given and the experience I have acquired so far, I really do have quality help to offer.

Which is better, reading through half of the posts on forrst or stackoverflow, or twitter and thinking, “that guy’s got a good point” or “wow, that guy has really missed it”.


Actually participating in 10% of the same conversations?

Which one helps me to grow more?

Which one enables me to help other people?

There are lots of projects being developed and sold everywhere that aren’t the best, but they are at least marketable and complete. They actually exist!

It’s time to stop being merely a hearer and start being a doer, stop spending so much time consuming and lurking and actually start contributing and serving.