Use with iPhone Bookmarklet

Anyone that uses twitter finds that posting links can take precious character space. is a service that not only lets you smallerize and post your links to twitter, but track your link traffic. And they provide handy bookmarklets to make it easy to trim and post your links from your browser.

The only problem is that if you are like me, you really started twittering hard when you got your iPhone, and saving that bookmarklet to the iPhone safari browser only lets you bookmark the site.

Until now.

Visit this page with your iPhone, and click on the link below. And bookmark the page that you go to. Then come back here for more instructions. Bookmarklet for iPhone Post with Bookmarklet for iPhone Post with twitter

Next, in Safari on your iPhone open up your bookmarks and press the edit button at the bottom of the screen.

Edit the bookmark and delete everything before the word “javascript”.

Then press go back to bookmarks, and press done to save your changes.

Now, as you browse around if you would like to post a link to twitter, simply open up your bookmarks when you are on the site you would like to post, and click your bookmarklet.